Ageha Kurono is Kurumu Kurono's mother and appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Wataru is
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her daughter's fiancé, going so far as to allow him to "jump" her daughter anytime he wants. She has a large chest like her daughter Kurumu.

Exclusively in Rosario + Kiva, Ageha and Tsurara Shirayuki hold a long grudge against one another, being rivals for the affection of Wataru's father, Otoya Kurenai during their days as students at Yōkai Academy. However, Wataru, using a piece written from his father to remind the two women of their past, was about to help them reconcile. Ageha also lost a lot of the hostility that she harbored for Tsurara and thanked Wataru for reparing their broken friendship. Despite reforging her friendship with Tsurara, Ageha still competes with her friend over which of their daughters Wataru will take on as his wife first.


Unlike her daughter, who learned to restrain her seductive nature, Ageha fully embraces her succubus nature and even thinks Kurumu should already have "experience" at her age. She causes unending embarrassment for Kurumu because of how she acts towards Wataru, such as trying to give him "pointers".


Ageha possesses the same Succubus abilities as her daughter, though unlike in the mainstream of Rosario Vampire, they're not shown in the story just like in the manga.

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