During the rehearsals of the school play, Wataru fell victim to his Fangire blood since the intermingling of Moka's powerful vampire blood during the vacation began to hold secondary effects, causing Wataru to become more aggressive and sexually frustrated. Kurumu and Mizore tries to tempt him on biting them to make either one of them as his mate, but Wataru managed to control his instinct. It came to a head when he transformed into Emperor Kiva and he began attempting to 'claim' Moka-sama by biting her neck and sucking out her life force. Rather than be insulted, Moka-sama treated it like foreplay and the pair indulged in their feelings for the first time, making Kurumu, Mizore, and Taiga jealous. To them, this means war.



First Appearance: Tatsuki Kaito

Monster of the Week: Gargoyle