• Busterleader92

    best story

    November 22, 2012 by Busterleader92

    Ever since I read the Rosario Kiva, I was so blown away by the action and the comedy in the story. Wataru get three new love interest, having a happy ending, Taiga still Saga, and Mizore and Moka became the female versions of their Kamen Rider predecessors. To me, Rosario Kiva will always be the #1 fanfictional story and King of all fanfictional Kamen Rider stories. Sure there are few mistakes, but i edit the story to make it look good and I'm really good at it too. Sometimes I always think to myself that it would be nice to see this story as a real cartoon show and the first Kamen Rider that appears in an anime version combined with the other anime to make the perfect show in all of Japan. It would be so cool to see the Mazoku bring the o…

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