Ever since the incident in the Romeo and Juliet rehearsal, the pair were quickly hailed as the King and Queen of Yokai Academy, being considered the famous couple on campus. While Moka-sama and Kurenai saw this as normal, Moka and Wataru were mortally embarrassed and were unsure how to act around each other. It wasn't until their friends managed to make them meet and talk to one another again did that finally move on, but also share a new closeness. During the school festival, Wataru was introduced to Kurumu and Mizore's mothers, Ageha Kurono and Tsurara Shirayuki. It was revealed that both of them used to be close friends during their high school days, but both had met Wataru's father Otoya and developed a rivalry over him which effectively crushed their friendship. At the same time, Rook had entered Yokai Academy under Bishop's orders and began hunting Succubus and Yuki-onna for a 'Double Time Play' and began targeting the girls and their mothers. A combined efforts from both Kamen Riders and their friends allowed them to defeat Rook once and for all.



First Appearances: Ageha Kurono, Tsurara Shirayuki

Enemy: Rook