The students learn that they are to choose a school activity and Wataru is having a hard time choosing when he comes across the swimming club with Moka, who is a bit reluctant to investigate because water has a purifying effect on vampires and drains their powers. As Kurumu and Yukari try to garner the most attention through events, Tamao Ichinose, the head of the swim club, tries to suck Wataru's life energy when he transform into Kiva to fight back. But then Moka was dragged by the mermaids to drown her in the pool. Kivat uses a new Fuestle that summons one of the three residents of Castle Doran: the child-like Basshaa, who allows Kiva to assume Basshaa Form and have an advantage over them and save Moka, much to Kurumu and Yukari surprised. After he teaches Tamao and the mermaids the error of their ways, Miss Nekonome then recommends the four of them join her News Club, which they agree to.



  • First Appearance: Tamo Ichinose
  • Kiva's used form: Bashaa Form
  • Monster of the Week: Mermaids
  • Enemy: Tamao Ichinose
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