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Issa Shuzen

Issa Shuzen is the head of the Shuzen Family and the father of Moka Akashiya and her sisters. He did not appear until near the end of the story, playing the role of an antagonist to Wataru Kurenai, though he has since reformed.

His name is a pun on "issa", which means "one tea", following his family's tradition of being named after tea (or coffee) based drinks.


Issa is mentioned in Chapter 34, though he does not appear. Apparently, he is on friendly terms with Maya Kurenai, as the latter threatened to notify him when Kokoa became a nuisance to Moka and her friends, causing the terrified little vampire to cower in terror and behave herself. Issa makes his first true appearance in Chapter 54, making a deal with Bishop to have Moka marry Taiga Nobori, though Moka was attracted to Wataru. Issa tried to enforce this decision, but was defeated by his daughter and future son-in-law in their Kamen Rider forms, and was subsequently punished by Maya for his actions.

In the final chapter, he attended Moka and Wataru's wedding, having apparently given them his blessing to marry.


Like most vampires, Issa is prideful, arrogant, aristocratic, and cold. He is also rather controlling, and likes to get his way. However, he respects--and likely fears--Maya, being on calling terms with her. Maya is the only one he fears most besides his wife. Despite his aristocratic and cold nature, he does care about his daughters, and is fully capable of acting like a father when the situation requires him to do so. Maya had also mentioned in Chapter 43 that he and her ex-husband were good friends back in the old days.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the head of the Shuzen family and Elder Vampire, Issa is an immensely capable combatant, with centuries of knowledge and experience under his belt. Like the rest of his race, he possesses great speed and strength. Only Maya and Emperor Kiva seem to be capable of overpowering him, with the latter still requiring Moka's assistance (in her own Kamen Rider form) in order to defeat him.


Akasha Bloodriver (lover)

Gyokuro Shuzen (lover)

Maya Kurenai (friend)

Akua Shuzen (oldest daughter)

Kahlua Shuzen (older-middle daughter)

Moka Akashiya (younger-middle daughter)

Kokoa Shuzen (youngest daughter)

Wataru Kurenai (son-in-law)

King (best friend)

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