OOO and Kiva

OOO vs. Kiva

Set after the events of Rosario to Kiva, Wataru and the gang are going to Kanto for a field trip. While they're enjoying their trip, Yukari had created the pink Core Medals by using hair samples from Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore. While everyone was busy fighting a Scorpion Yummy, Dr. Maki removes one of the pink cores and allows it to take the Medals he brought with him to make a body for itself, creating the Yokai Greeed. This new Greeed devised a plan to drop the barrier between the Yokai World and the human world, seeing as she wishes for the stronger desire to reign free and unrestrained with Gamaru and the Lost Ankh as her helpers. Kiva and OOO will have to work together to stop her and protect the balance between humans and Yokai before it's too late.
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