It is Parents' Day at Yokai Academy, but it soon becomes another day for both Tsurara and Ageha to bring their husbands to meet their future son-in-law. Since Wataru had deepening the relationship with both Kurumu and Mizore, both fathers had accepted him while Tsurara and Ageha are planning to have their daughters to be his first wife. Maya and the residents of Castle Doran had also gone to Yokai Academy to see how Wataru and friends are doing. Wataru transform into Kiva to engage in a fierce duel between a trio of wendigos that wrecks the lunchroom because of their hatred and jealousy towards him. After the duel, both parents of Kurumu and Mizore's fathers had gave Wataru their blessings and assures them he's the right choice for their daughters. Once the day is over, Tsurara and Ageha encourage them to be on their relationship while the fathers wanted to say a few words with Wataru before they leave. Because of their mothers' encourgement, they might end up competing on who will be his first wife... knowing him, Wataru must prepare for this kind of problem in the future.



  • First appearance: Hyozan Shirayuki, Ayame Morioka, and Kurotsuki Kurono