Basshaa Human Ramon



Merman form


The last remaining member of the Merman Clan. Castle Doran's housekeeper and Wataru's guardian as well as his childhood playmate. He has the ability to alter water so that Moka can swim in Castle Doran's pool without being harmed by it. He is childish. He starts to attend Yokai Academy during the group's second year as a freshman in order to be close to Yukari whom he has a crush on. He also joined the Mermaid's Swimming Club because of his love of water and they became enamoured by him as he's the first Merman they have ever seen. As the Bassha Magnum, he allows Kiva to assume Bassha Form.


He has a cool yet childish attitude.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can shoot pressurized water bubbles from his mouth and his pupils turn into crosshairs to increase his aim.


Wataru Kurenai: Ramon was Wataru's playmate when he was a child. Ramon is also one of Wataru's servants but Wataru treats him as a friend and ally.

Yukari Sendo: Ramon developed a crush on her when he first saw her. The urge to become closer to her is what motivated him to attend Youkai Academy. At the end of the story, he and Yukari are now a couple once she realized that Wataru only loved her like a little sister and nothing more.

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