Wataru had invited Moka to his home where he introduced her to the residents of Castle Doran: Jiro, Ramon, and Riki. Jiro told Moka about Wataru's painful past and made her promise to take care of Wataru which she accepts. The next day, Wataru heard some rumors by the students while he heard some of the female students were talking about him. Moka thank Wataru for dinner last night which incites the jealousy of both male and female students. Wataru's fortunes deteriorate further when the popular succubus Kurumu Kurono declares Moka as her rival and attempts to seduce him. Wataru is put in a trance by Kurumu and ends up hurting Moka's feelings by saying she only uses him as beverage. Kurumu manages to get Wataru alone, planning to turn him into her first slave as part of her plan to make the male students into her personal harem; Wataru manages to break the spell. Enraged, Kurumu tries to kill him, but Waturu transform into Kiva to defend himself and Kurumu is beat up. The next day, Wataru is shocked to see Kurumu has fallen in love with him for sparing her, much to Moka's dismay.



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