As the academy is on reconstruction since last night, Mikogami had summon both Wataru and Taiga to his office and informed them that their mother is alive as a reward for saving the school. The Riders were both shocked and surprised to the revelation that they'll be leaving in Castle Doran to find her. The girls on the other hand are coming along since Wataru had protected them all this time they decided to return the favor and help them on their quest to find their long lost mother, much to Ruby's dismay. Later that night while everyone asleep, Taiga entered the main chamber and his eyes widened when he found the legendary sword of the Fangires' King, the Zanvat Sword. He tried to pull it out, but the sword shocked him. Taiga knew he can't pulled the sword out, so he thought that Wataru and Moka would pull it out instead. After failing to pull it out, they had finally reached their destination. But Unfortunatly, they were ambushed by the Rat Fangires, sent by Bishop himself. As Kiva is separated and overwhelmed by the multiplying Rat Fangires, the Arms Monsters and Ruby arrives to save him and brought him to Castle Doran. Knowing that the others are in danger, Wataru successfully draws the Zanvat Sword with the Arms Monsters creating the Zanvat-bat to limit the power the zanvat sword actually has. Arriving to Moka's aid as Saga, Kurumu, and Mizore are distracted, Wataru assumes Kiva's Emperor Form to shatter the numerous Rat Fangires with the Zanvat Sword. With the Fangires all gone, Wataru was mobbed by the girls, much to his amusement.


"Your mother, Maya, is alive."

"That's why Wataru-kun and I are going to go look for her."

"I don't think we'll be coming back to Yokai Academy either. Bishop is planning something and we…Taiga-niisan and I, have to stop him. That means we can't come back until he's been dealt with. Gomen."

"I'll go with you!!"

"I wish to follow you too."

"You do realize that we have the entire Fangire Clan coming after us now, right?"

"Yes, we do. But we've decided to help Wataru-kun anyway we can."

"Che. Surely this blade can't be this hard to pull."

"Sugoi. I can feel the power. So this is the Zanvat Sword's power."

"That's right. Now, use the power given to you."

"Could you have cut that any closer, Wataru-kun?"