Tsubame Yotsuba, appearing exclusively in the fanfiction, is a 3rd year student who took her pride on her voice. She looked down on other peoples' talents that it made her want to burst out laughing or gag. She had secured the title of the most talented student for the past two years. Her singing voice was hailed as the best and that she thought she could claim her rightful place this year until Wataru was announced the winner of the Yokai Academy's Talent Show when he shows off his violin skills. Outraged, she decided to kill Wataru for beating her. She was defeated by the combined power of Moka-sama and Kiva in his Garulu Form.


Tsubame Yotsuba was a prideful and confident student that she thinks that the Talent Show is her kingdom. When Wataru won the Talent Show, Tsubame didn't take this very lightly as she attacks Wataru as she thought if she can't win the Talent Show then no one will.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a banshee, her power is her voice which is utilized as a mesmerizing, hypnotic song that can easily take control of a human, as well as swiftly engender their deaths as well. This singing ability can also be converted into an immensely powerful sonic attack which can wreck devastation on its victims and cause formidable kinetic damage.

This power can even affect other monsters, and bring about considerable injury and death to low-class and mid-classs monsters very quickly even an S-Class monsters like Moka. This attack is also accompanied by a very strong release of Youki, and is the banshee's principle weapon.