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My name is Brian Hoang and I'm a huge fan of Rosario to Kiva.

My favorite pages + chaptersEdit

  • My favorite chapter is 43 when Kiva had defeated Arc and left his mark on the moon and Mizore transforms into Lady Rey.
  • Favorite chapter is 51 when Gin attack Wataru and giving him a headlock for getting laid three times in one day.
  • Favorite chapter is 54 and 55 when Moka-sama transforms into Dark Lady Kiva and she teams up with Kiva (in Emperor Form) and Saga in their final battle against Bishop.
  • Favorite chapter is 35 when Wataru and Takato fight over Mizore.
  • Favorite chapter is 53 when Mizore have her own battle.
  • Favorite chapter is 52 when Wataru finally met Kurumu and Mizore's fathers.
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