Yuji's Fangire Form

The Polar Bear Fangire is one of the few Fangire who betray their kind by falling in love with a human or near-human, living with his yuki-onna wife Miyuki whom he married several years ago.  He had fled from the Fangires' judgment and was close to death when Miyuki found him and brought him to the village. They fell in love in the process and now they had a family, twin daughters. But since he fears for his family safety, he was forced to hide again to protect his family because Bishop had spies everywhere. By 2008, Yuji went back to his cave where it's safe from Bishop. But when he enters the cave and found both Wataru and Mizore, Yuji attacked without warning, thinking that they are spies for Bishop. Luckily, Taiga came to his aid as Saga and mortally wound the Polar Bear Fangire on the back. Wataru and his friends take him to the village to have medical attention since being hit by the Jacorder was never a pleasant experience and it always left a mark or two and was last seen reunited with his family once again.