Yuri Aso


Yuri Aso is the founding member of the Fangire Hunters 20 years ago, meeting Otoya by sheer accident. She hates the Fangires with a passion, referring to them as "God's mistakes", as it was the Checkmate Four's Rook who murdered her mother Akane Aso, one of the founding members and designer of the IXA System. However, her revenge on the Rook was never resolved though she did succeed in providing her daughter an advantage and finally was being able to move on after defeating the Rook personally. After admitting her feelings for Otoya, she moved in with his house to live as his roommate, only to feel betrayed when Otoya is seeing Maya. But once learning of Maya's identity, Yuri starts to track her down with intent to kill her, but after learning that Otoya loves her, she decides to give up and breaks up with him after rescuing him from the King. Otoya would see Yuri one last time to say some parting words before his eventual death from usage of the Dark Kiva power. Yuri seems to be cynophobic, which can be a hassle while she is working at the Café Mal d'amour; however, she seems to have gotten over this fear as she went out to search for Kido's dog, Buruman, on a rainy day. Her weapon consists of two bars that connect to create a short snake sword named the Fangire Slayer which is capable of elongating. However, by 2008, Yuri is deceased and buried next to her mother.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Otoya Kurenai (ex-boyfriend)

Jiro (friend)

Ageha Kurono (friend)

Tsurara Shirayuki (friend)

Maya Kurenai (former enemy)